The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently #1

I’m back at this again, like a fool.

I seem to want to restart my life every couple of months, which is not the way a person should live. And really, I’m too smart to fall for my own tricks of pretending I’m starting from scratch. And when you’re always beginning, there really isn’t much progress. So, maybe this will stick this time (I bought this domain and host for super cheap!), maybe it wont. Only time will tell, eh?

For now,


Not a lot. I’ve been hoarding articles on Pocket that I swore I’ll get around to (I don’t), plus I’m subscribed to The New York Times‘s Breaking News alerts, which is usually about Trump. Or Russia. Or Trump and Russia. I have to admit that I’m not sure how his presidency trickles down to little ol’ me, but I know it’s important to be aware of these things anyway.

Drinking brewed coffee.

Eating wilted garden salad and a slice of the whole wheat chocolate chip banana bread that I baked last night.

Feeling super lazy about leaving the house tonight. There’s something about rainy afternoons that make me want to sit by my window and drink a hot drink while eating something freshly baked.

Hoping the Uber won’t be too expensive when I have to book it. (A lot of my concerns involve Uber, to be honest.)


Currently, it’s the pitter-patter of rain. I love the rain when I don’t have to go through it. Also, Echo barking at me to give him some food.

This week, I’ve been obsessed with this cover of “Something Just Like This”. Like everyone in the world, I’ve also been re-listening to Taylor Swift’s catalogue because she’s back on Spotify! Girl is all shades of brilliant, a true marketing genius if there ever was one. Also remembered I was not a big fan of 1989. I’m more of a Speak Now Red kind of girl.

I’ve also been re-listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks and man, most of the adults in this series are total assholes! They’re just children, christ!

Loving the rain? I mean, I don’t totally love it (because rain = flood in this metropolis), but it’s finally cool enough for hot drinks!

Needing motivation to really, truly live dat #hustlerlyf. (Because I will not suffer through any kind of daily commute. Never again.)


I’ve been organizing a DIY system to help me ‘generate leads’, which sounds super dull and banal, but I’m actually a nerd about this stuff (at least, about organization and processes). It’s 100% manual and 100% unsustainable, but if there’s a rung lower than bootstrapped early-stage startup, I’m definitely that (maybe ‘fledgling freelancer’?).

I’ve also been sporadically checking for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Hamilton tickets on the West End. Not that I can afford a trip to London anytime soon, but at the rate these shows are selling, I’d most likely save enough money by the time both shows are not sold out within the same week.

I should plan more hypothetical trips. Maybe that will motivate me to work on that travel fund.


I had been reading Quijano de Manila (Nick Joaquin)’s Reportage on Lovers— a collection of pieces where he wrote about lovers back when he was a journalist. What an exquisite, romantic writer he was. He made me long for the Philippines (the world) of 1960s. He made it sound as if Filipinas just took off for far-off countries and fell for exotic East European hunks. It took me halfway through the book to realize he had been writing about socialites in the first place. Lol.

I’ve been thinking about the art of interviewing personalities a lot lately. I used to think interviewing is the easy part, excavating gems off a barrage of babbling and writing a sensible feature around quotes was the hard part. Now I’m thinking, if I just learned how to get subjects to a place of interest (and truth! and authenticity!), the feature should come easily.

Smelling my freshly showered dogs, who are so fluffy and cuddly right now.

Thinking (worrying) about how stressful the trip to Solaire will be if this rain won’t let up soon.

Wanting money. Is that crass of me to say? Lol. But seriously, I just want to be at a place of progress in my life. (But I suppose the only think keeping me from this goal is myself.)


I’m truly loving American Gods now, and not just because I’m such a Bryan Fuller stan. It’s definitely not his most accessible work, though. There’s also The Handmaid’s Tale, which dipped into ‘typical prestige drama’ for a few episodes, which disappointed me since it started so strongly I felt that it was saying something super important, instead of just showing something well-made.

I’m loving Downward Dog too. It’s so funny and heartfelt and it stars a dog! Also, Nobodies. I get strong secondhand embarrassment with awkward comedy like that, but I thought it’s gotten better and funnier since its first episodes. As for currently, I have new episodes of Doctor Who and Orphan Black (!) on queue, so I’ll get on that.

I also blazed through The Keepers (I think a week ago) and as usual men are horrifying and the Catholic Church need to do better than sweep this kind of shit under the rug. I watch a lot of documentaries and every time the subject is clergy, there’s always sexual abuse. Against children! Goodness! (The documentary itself went places that made it drag. It’s not Making a Murderer, but super good!)

Wearing underclothes that will go under the dress I’m wearing tonight.

Wishing I put almonds in this banana bread, and for the rain to stop.

Writing just this post that’s almost done. My calendar says I should be writing this thing for this thing, so I’ll get on that.

(Photo is a graphic I made super quickly using Canva. I didn’t even edit the layout. Lol.)


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