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The Sunday Currently # 3


I skipped a couple of weeks, and those couple of weeks have been interesting.

I’m finally in some steady financial shape, having booked a couple of clients that require regular output for pretty decent rates. My overall monthly income still isn’t where I want it to be, but it’s getting there.

There’s been some major/minor shake-ups in my life as of late; some good, some… the jury’s still out. I’ve decided to just roll with everything. But, I’m also making some low-key plans that has the potential to change my life as I know it. Lol, dramatic but I don’t know. We’ll see.


I’ve been taking this New York Times course on how to think and write like a critic (taught by the critics of NYT) and it’s been so valuable. Because these are people who have made a life on what I’ve wanted to do with mine– ridiculous and random it may be. There’s also this New Yorker piece by Daniel Mendelsohn, “A Critic’s Manifesto” that I found so enlightening and relatable in a sense.

Speaking of criticism (though I wouldn’t presume to call myself critic), I reviewed two big shows in the last two weeks. “Sister Act“, which I thought was mediocre, and “Kinky Boots“, which has converted me into a Nyoy Volante fan.

Drinking coffee.


I tried KFC’s chicken sisig thing for the first time. Gotta tell you, I didn’t care much for it. First of all, it’s decidedly not sisig (it’s just tiny Funshots with mayo, served over rice) and second of all mayo is gross and the one they served at the Harbour Square branch tasted kind of old.

Feeling pretty relaxed, actually! I had a very busy week, and am looking at a similarly busy week but in a good way.

Hoping that the city’s transport system will work itself out somehow, because it’s getting more and more difficult to actually live in this city.


I was obsessed with “Not My Father’s Son” for about a week after watching Kinky Boots. But currently, it’s LANY’s discography because they’re set to do a couple of mall shows in a few weeks and my teen sister wants to go. It’s not really my kind of music. I’m neck-deep in musical theater these days, so anything that doesn’t sound Alan Menken-y is odd to me.

I’m also listening to the “Newsies” OBC because… well, more info when my review on the show is published on Theater Fans Manila.


Loving how my dogs just curl up for a cuddle every time I come home at odd hours. Lol.

Needing to get ahead of all my stories, before their deadlines are due.

Planning a lot of things.


Smelling general smells?


I was passing through Recto-Quiapo earlier this week and it sort of reminded me of those little streets in Wan Chai, and how its bustle and heat and intimidation is so very ‘Asian Mega City’. “Anything can happen” takes on a tangible, non-random meaning. Literally anything can happen if you find yourself walking through those little side streets after sunset.

SoGo, come to think of it, has adcopy so on-brand, it’s kind of genius. I mean, “So clean… so good!” and “Dahil mahal kita, sa SoGo ka!” are ineffably provocative and vulgar, that it puts off the vanila public while speaking to the sensibilities of its target market.

I’m also actively trying to imbibe a winning personality for Uber trips, because my rating translates to “kind of an asshole” (If I get matched with a driver of my own rate, I’d be super bummed!), but I’d like to think it’s because I’m always coming from and going to somewhere far away, rather than I’m a complete monster.

Wanting nothing much other than better time management skills.


Since our modem dying a couple of weeks ago, I kind of “weaned” out of constantly watching Netflix. I even signed up for iFlix, and while my eyes were flying out of its sockets excited over their comedy selection, I still haven’t really had time nor interest to rewatch anything. Not even Friends, you guys. Not even Friends.

Oh, but I do still catch up on my shows. I just fast-forward to Tatiana Maslany scenes on Orphan Black, I did finish Doctor Who (I’m sorry Capaldi had to be the Doctor when Steven Moffat was at his most self-indulgent) and Downward Dog (cute, and I’ve always loved Allison Tolman and Lucas Neff), started on Younger (best, sexiest, most underrated comedy today) and caught up on Poldark (Aidan Turner is a sexy beast, this season is better than the last)

Mostly, I just watch theater. I’m coming off of watching literally 13 shows in three days. It was my first time completing the Virgin Labfest, and I’m glad I did! Reminds me of those years I would spend my week at CCP, just watching Cinemalaya movies. Even with all the politics and history of that building, and even if it needs a tune-up, I love it still. It’s one of my favorite buildings in this country.


Wearing pambahay.

Wishing for… not a lot. Not really. I’m feeling pretty relaxed and content at this moment.

Writing two reviews and a feature for Theater Fans Manila. (I’m always working on something on other with them constantly all the time… because it’s my baby, too.)

(Photo is a random pic off a breakfast buffet, made with Canva. Also, Canva is a client as of a week or two ago! I’ve always, always loved that company / tool ever since I stumbled upon it. I very nearly went back to the workforce as I interviewed for a position, but I think what happened now works out well for me.)


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