The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 10

Clicking nothing this week.

Drinking water, but yesterday I was at Little Owl and paid Php 170.00 for what basically tasted like Hersey’s powdered chocolate milk. I’m still a little mad about it. (Note to self, just drink the coffee you trust and then water all the other times.)

Eating nothing now, but we just had dinner at Mario’s, a family favorite and it’s a little lackluster, but I think it’s because I no longer eat meat and it’s a steak place.

Feeling sleepy, and a little nervous about the two work days I have coming that involves actually going to an office for 9 hours straight, something I haven’t done in literally two years. What will I do if I can’t book a Grab tomorrow?

Hoping I book a Grab tomorrow and go to and from Makati with little to no hassle.

Listening to Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the background. Also listened to a lot of Mamma Miabecause it’s safe and sweet and comforting and I needed a bit of that this week.

Loving Mamma Mia?

Needing to sleep.

Playing still Stardew Valley but I’m really getting over it. I don’t know what game to pick up for the Switch.

Reading nothing this week.

Smelling nothing.

Thinking about a lot of things, but mostly sleep. It’s also a little hard to think properly because B99 is distracting me. Now thinking about the work-related things that came up this week, and how it’s better to know how people behave truly instead of getting blindsided down the line, and that when necessary, I will stand my ground.

Wanting some peace? Lol. I just want to do my job without the bullshit, man.

Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A bunch of the weeklies have come back, so I’m also watching that. Saw Mamma Mia earlier this week and loved it! Enjoyed myself, everything everything. I also started watching the new Alyssa Edwards show. It’s cute.

Wearing a brown camisole that is also very, very old.

Wishing I complete everything in my ‘Before I’m 30’ bucket list, and I also wish the thought of how close turning 30 didn’t just awash me with abject horror.

Writing nothing pending! Hurray for me! I have work coming up, which is great.

Photo are Echo and Becca staring at me with their innocent eyes whilst I may or may not have been stumbling around the house at 2am after getting tipsy off a glass of white wine and two beers.

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