The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has completely derailed my week, so that’s what’s been going on for the most part. The weather is atrocious, and it’s making me nervous because I have a packed week. Currently also doing this at a Subway in RCBC Plaza (the only thing open!), waiting for a matinee show of The Vagina Monologues which is the most accurate depiction of how my life is going lately.

Clicking this review of Breath of the Wild which captured exactly what it’s like to play the game. The writer said something about how the developers had so much respect for the players who are going to sink hundreds of hours into the game, and they made it worth every minute.

Drinking Coke Zero which I know will bite me in the ass later because my throat is already starting to itch before I had a cold, sweet drink.

Eating a roasted chicken sandwich from Subway (and some Cheetos) and its pretty good! Sandwich shops are underrated.

Feeling a little annoyed and disadvantaged (lol) because I left my glasses and the world is a little blurry.

Hoping my friend gets here on time for the show. I also hope the weather gets better, because this country is not set up for everyone to feel safe and warm and sheltered during terrible storms, even though this kind of weather is standard. for us for the last hundred years.

Listening to some disco tune playing at this joint. I’ve been flipping through multiple sci-fi podcasts, and while I like them and like that they’re usually women-led, nothing is really sticking for me to want to binge. Sayer is kind of meditative in a way that requires me to pay attention (which I can’t always promise) and ars Paradoxica is great but the science is a little too involved and out-there to feel accessible. I’m also loving Casefile, but I’m trying to wean off brutal murder content.

Loving Breath of the Wild. Seriously. I’m not a gamer, and I felt a little insane spending on a gadget just for gaming being the adult that I am / supposed to be, but within 30 minutes of playing, I was so blown over by it, I just felt thankful I now had a Switch and this game in my life. Lol. It’s that good. Seriously.

Needing to probably get a move on and head to the theater?

Playing Breath of the Wild. Near-constantly. I even set up a TV in my room-slash-office to make my descent into irresponsibility absolute. It’s the kind of game that feels at the very edge of what the industry can do at this point that you can’t imagine what would come next. Maybe a VR version, but the POV is already so well-set, and the world so open that it feels like I’m on an adventure, too. The world is so realized, it’s like Middle Earth!

Reading nothing except a workbook for work that I’m taking my sweet time (we’re talking years) to get through.

Smelling nothing.

Thinking about privilege, and how it can corrupt good (?) people to indifference. And about how Western ideals and the state of being ‘woke’ is different with every culture, and about how the bar is set so low for the behavior of men that basic decency is regarded as exemplary and attractive. Also, deadlines.

Wanting… nothing? I want Super Mario Odyssey, but I’m trying to limit my game-buying to once a month. And I’m 1000% by next month I would’ve only scratched the surface of Zelda anyway.

Watching my sister play Fortnite (it’s boring). Just came from The Vagina Monologues (it’s only okay) and still going through those Korean triplets on YouTube. I was watching a bit of the Netflix doc series, I am a Killer and it’s very eye-opening in terms of people’s stories and what it means to be on death row. (I really should stop it with murder-y content). The only show I really follow with any sort of enthusiasm is Younger and it’s been great so far. (I also love my bland procedurals Elementary and Take Two)

Wearing the same I <3 to sleep top I wore last week. I’m back in loungewear having come home from a show and dinner with friends.

Wishing for the itch in my throat to stop, for Tuesday’s shoot to go well (and go at all, considering this weather), and for me to meet my deadlines, and for more clients to magically appear without me trying actively to acquire them (lol).

Writing nothing pressing. It’s a pretty chill Sunday, so I’m glad.

Photo is Echo lounging on a table in the living room, generally taking up space I assume because he’s bored of being ignored. He’s very adorable, we love him a lot.

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