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The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

I had a pretty good week last week, achieving some semblance of my ultimate goal: earn a ton for little work. I jest. But yeah, things I wasn’t expected to turn out well actually worked in my favor. There’s also a tooth thing I’ve been dealing with, that I unadvisedly turned to Dr. Google for a diagnosis. So either, it should go away this week, or this is how I die. (Kidding, I swear I’ll go to the dentist tomorrow.)

I know it’s only September 2nd, but I already feel this month zooming by. I have 3 shows and 2 reviews this week alone (show # 1 is in an hour), plus an average of 2 shows a week for the next 6 weeks because I promised myself and my pub that I’ll watch literally everything (short of a campus production). Theater enthusiasm continues to be my most defining trait and also my most bewildering. I make a lot of head-scratcher life decisions (like that time I earned a Philosophy degree, and that year I spent in Law School), but I digress.

Clicking this long read from Buzzfeed News about yet another example of how Catholic church clergy abuse people who are in their care. It’s very long, that I actually haven’t gone through to the end. It’s truly atrocious and not at all surprising, because people who think they have their god on their side will always find justification for their actions. Religion is truly the root of all evil (how’s that for a hot take?).

Drinking iced coffee from McD’s. Hope it will keep me alert in the next 3 hours, though I don’t anticipate being bored as I’m about to watch a glitzy big budget musical.

Eating nothing. I tell you what I haven’t been eating though: sweet things because my tooth (teeth?) is currently picketing my lack of due attention to them. I am, however, surprised that despite painful mastication I will chew what needs to be chewed if it assuages hunger.

Feeling a little groggy from my whacked body clock. I keep falling asleep early at night, and waking up late so I end up not needing to sleep until pre-dawn, which means I won’t be awake until 11am, which is just a vicious cycle all around. Must! Prioritize! Sleep!

Hoping I score some regular, high-paying clients next month because I think I mentioned this before: running out of checks to cash in. Also hoping my Super Mario Odyssey will have arrived by the time I get home tonight because that’s definitely the one thing I need right now, a new game to ruin my life over.

Listening to McDonald’s noises. I binged the first season of Someone Knows Something and I was surprised by how much I liked it, considering I’ve decided I loathe it when hosts self-insert themselves on very serious crimes they’re trying to investigate. I thought the first season was very well done, very interesting, and very tragic how it still has no resolutions (as far as what I know from the podcast season). I’m not as compelled with listening to season 2. I think I like it better when they’re solved.

Loving the tooth ache relief regimen I’ve ascribed for myself, because they work wonders. I don’t feel anything anymore even though the pain a couple of nights ago was so annoying, it kept waking me up / making it impossible for me to sleep. I shouldn’t condone self-diagnosis and self-prescription (I am the furthest from a doctor, I’m a theater journalist with a philosophy degree) but I am a fledgling adult, and we gonna do what we gonna do.

Needing to wrap this up and head to the theater because the show’s about to start (in 45 minutes) but also this branch is getting crowded and I don’t want snoops to see me seriously typing away and then look at my screen and realize I’m blogging. Lol.

Playing the same game I’ve been obsessed with since purchase. Trudging along. I might see this playthrough through. I mean, I haven’t felt compelled to restart it like so many different false starts I’ve had that first week that I’ve literally mastered The Great Plateau. I’m excited and a little nervous for Super Mario Odyssey because I’ve never played a Mario game before, and that thing was expensive AF. But, I have also never played Zelda before Breath of the Wild, and look at where we are now.

Reading that aforementioned long read. Also this roundtable between Broadway critics, about their disdain for jukebox musicals because honestly? SAME. I don’t think I’ve seen a jukebox musical that I truly loved (says the girl who unironically LOVED the first Mamma Mia! movie).

Smelling nothing noteworthy.

Thinking about whether or not I should finish this or end it now and walk to the theater already. Also thinking about whether or not I’ll end up going to the dentist tomorrow because my tooth is feeling so much better. Lol. I know I should. Gosh, I’m a mess.

Wanting nothing in particular, but I’ve been jonesing for some Japanese food. I wonder if there’s an Omakase at SM Megamall. I also want to travel some, but also not super desperately all of a sudden. Maybe it’s the lack of possible company. Why won’t my friends travel more, tbh.

Watching Side Show in literally 30 minutes! I’m excited! I also recently saw Desaparesidos, which was great! Excellently directed! The second half wasn’t as good as the first, but it was still pretty great! Haven’t seen Sound Design as astounding lately (so astounding, in fact, that it made me take notice). I’m also in the middle of an episode of current cheesy procedural fave, Take Two. Still ambivalent towards Rachel Bilson, but Eddie Cibrian is a dish. Lol. Maybe I like buddy detectives because I’m obsessed with Cormoran Strike (new book out in two weeks, I can’t wait!)

Wearing my favorite sunflower dress. It’s my favorite because it fits me well, it’s super comfortable and casual, and I don’t care if I meet the same people wearing the same thing over and over.

Wishing for some sushi. For Super Mario Odyssey, and a sudden unexpected influx of cash. (How does being blatantly money-hungry make me sound, dear total of 0 readers? Relateable or annoying?)

Writing nothing pressing, but after this show the clock is going to start again. I’m literally all caught up with everything! Maybe that’s why I feel so chill this weekend.

Photo is a sticker they gave us during the Desaparesidos show that I saw. I feel a little guilty that I don’t do as much as I think I should, and that most of my politics and activism is little more than sticking this sticker on my laptop, but a friend once told me that people fight for their beliefs in the best way they can, and that’s all we can do. (I have more thoughts but I really should head to the theater.)

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