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The Sunday Currently Vol. 8

I’ve basically been consumed by Lethal White, and this thing that sort of occured mid-week that got me thinking about the nature of the job, and the “price” people pay when they cross milestones in things they pursue. I’ve always known that I lucked into work that is exactly what I hope I’d end up doing, and I don’t exactly feel disillusioned that it’s more actual work than anything, but I suppose I wasn’t able to predict (nor would I have the capacity to predict) that it will go quite like this.

Does this make sense? No?

So yeah, in between work and breathing through moments where JK Rowling pissed me off in her new book (lol) the last week was a blur of same old, same old. I really should organize my thoughts better than this.

Clicking this article about yet another journalistic thing that social media has killed. I never really saw the purpose of celebrity profiles much, because I find celebrity worship to be distasteful (unless it’s my fave, natch. I’m a hypocrite. Yay!) but this article raised a good point to the true purpose of it: getting into the minds of the people who make the most popular culture.

It’s sad that of all the types of middlemen in the world, it’s the journalists who are becoming a rare breed. Uncompromised truths is a big theme for my life this week, so it just makes me sad that people no longer think it’s necessary to not be directly or indirectly bought.

Drinking instant coffee. My brother bought me the vanilla iced coffee from McDo earlier this week (last week?) and lol it tastes better for being just 10 pesos more. I’ve been such a schmuck pinching the wrong pennies. Lol.

Eating pandesal with Cheese Whiz spread. The brunch of champions!

Feeling some type of way about September being nearly over, stuff that’s waiting for me in October, unclear prospects for the rest of the year, and a general sense of doom about the state of everything. But mostly, I feel pretty chill. I’m just doing this and catching up on Netflix.

Hoping the big hopes.

Listening to that song from Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I love female vocals that are “just ok”. Lol. I think it’s remnants of my pretty serious folk phase a few years back. Also listened to the Lethal White audiobook (that’s how I mostly consumed the book, and I think I’ve become a better listener than I am a reader) and I love Robert Glenister!!!

Loving nothing in particular this week.

Needing to get a move on because of course I have a Sunday matinee. I also need to drink water better because I haven’t been hitting my 2L goals in the last couple of days.

Playing some Stardew Valley. I’ve weaned off of the Switch the last couple of weeks (promptly substituting it with another type of media consumption). I’m hoping a few months of break would reignite my interest in gaming and I’ll finally feel less bored about taking on the big bosses on Zelda without thinking how boring it will be to just run around fields for an hour before getting anywhere.

Told myself I’ll buy a game every month to build a decent library, but there’s nothing I really want to own. Maybe Skyrim? Or is that too outdated to bother with? I still haven’t played Super Mario Odyssey after dropping so much cash on it (in this economy! Lol.) I wish the Spyro remastered trilogy would drop on the Switch, too. I’d definitely pick that one up.

Reading Lethal White and realizing what a gross asshole Cormoran is. I still like the romance-y bits, and I actually thought other than Cormoran’s overblown sense of his own sexual allure, it was a lot less problematic than the first three. JK Rowling sucks. Lol. I read her because I think it’s the only thing I’ve ever known. Lol. It’s like when you watch a TV show because it was good without realizing it’ll end up running for 14 seasons and you have no choice but to see it through to the end because you’re invested now. I still like how she develops (male) characters, though.

Smelling nothing.

Thinking about the choices I’ve made and how I can best live with them. Lol.

Wanting to snap out of this tiny funk I think I’m in.

Watching a lot of Netflix these days. I think I’ve reignited my love for Peak TV. I’ve gone through most of the new Bojack Horseman (still excellent), watched half of the Maniac pilot (too prestige for what I feel like watching these days), and now I’m 4 episodes into The Good Cop. It’s just the right amount of cartoonish that I always enjoy in my crime procedurals, with a little less cheese because it’s still Netflix. Tony Danza is fun, Josh Groban is a cartoon.

I watched Lungs the other day which starred Jake Cuenca and I know it’s a little ungenerous to have said that I was surprised that he was good, but I’m also trying this new thing where I don’t apologize for my opinions. Speaking of, caught A DUP play yesterday and I got more than a little agitated that I actually sat through it even though I wanted to leave 2 minutes in. But, it’s a small price to pay for clarity so I’m good. I’m also supposed to be at Rapunzel later. Such is the nature of my life that 3 shows in 3 days isn’t too bad a schedule.

Wearing black spaghetti strapped lounge clothes and white shorts with flowers on it.

Wishing I had something more interesting to wish for other than all! the! monies! Lol. Really hard to live a life and build wealth in this world, these days.

Writing just a review due next week. I hope I get piled with work writing next week. Girl needs Christmas money!

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