The Sunday Currently

The Sunday Currently Vol. 9

There’s this thing that I kind of just want to go away, and feeling very annoyed that it’s still going on. Brooklyn Nine Nine season 5 is finally on Netflix, so my life has also been about a lot of that. Yeah. I really should take note of how my week has gone so I’m not always constantly posting inane things every week.

Clicking this video of Rupert Grint having a staring contest with randos. He’s very charming, and remains underrated, which suits him.

Drinking nothing notable.

Eating chicken pastel for dinner! Nom nom. Mom picked up a box of Echague Bakery’s hopia, and they’re my second favorite types of hopia (#1 is the cheese hopia from Sonia’s, but my parents never go to Tagaytay anymore, which makes me sad).

Feeling fine mixed with a twinge of frustration over some stuff that’s going down in some part of my life.

Hoping for a better month ahead!

Listening to nothing in particular this week. Just re-listening to old favorites. I think I come back to them when I’m feeling a little down and need to self-soothe. Lol.

Loving nothing much. I love that my shows are back.

Needing to have a better month, hopefully free of distracting pseudo-drama.

Playing Stardew Valley still. I’m on Year 2, which is a new record for me because I always just end up starting a new game when my obsessive compulsions hit. I might not get a new game after all, since there’s nothing I really want to play that’s actually on this console.

Reading nothing.

Smelling nothing.

Thinking about standing your ground, and how easy it is, but also frustrating how people don’t value it as much.

Wanting a better month ahead (there is a theme).

Watching a lot of Brooklyn Nine Nine. Plus all the new shows (and old shows) that came back / premiered the last week. I’m intrigued by Manifest and already exhausted by A Million Little Things. I hate that I love This Is Us, too. I don’t like being manipulated, and I like it even less that I know I’m being manipulated and yet I am a willing participant. I also saw Guadalupe (musical) earlier today and I liked that it didn’t take up too much of my time.

Wearing a plain white t-shirt, and very old “indoor” shorts.

Wishing for a better month ahead!

Writing nothing, which is a great state to be in on Sunday nights, but not so much for Monday mornings. I’ve been thinking of writing a murder mystery novel but I’m not that kind of writer and knowing me, I really only have one room for a time-suck passion and that’s already theater.

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