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[TV] Review: “Marlon” (pilot)

“If you black up, they gonna back up.” – Marlon

Warning: This is a multi-cam sitcom, the one with laugh tracks.

I’m not super familiar with this member of the Wayans clan of actors (I’m more the Damon Wayans Jr. type) but this month has been lean TV-wise and sitcoms don’t require too much of a commitment, you know?

Marlon Wayans plays a man-child divorcee who seems to be pretty well-off for literally being a YouTuber (6 million followers). He is, naturally, immature and playful but not in a totally off-putting way (because he’s the lead) and is partially kept afloat (not financially, at least not off the pilot) by his straight-shooting, gorgeous ex-wife (Essence Atkins).

Him and the wife are very good friends where whatever issues they may have had was big enough to cause them to divorce, but not enough for there to be much of a personal fall-out. Maybe it’s because they’re co-parenting their two children? It’s more likely due to the fact that this is a sitcom and shame on me for trying to make sense of it.

It’s just too convenient, too ‘have your cake and eat it too’ (which the lead actually referenced in this pilot in this same context), too transparent which I find utterly boring. A paint-by-the-numbers sitcom pilot complete with quirky best friends. It’s going to be a sitcom of them dating other people but falling back in love with each other any way. But again, you don’t watch sitcoms for the plot. You watch sitcoms to have something in the background while you do something else.

In this pilot, tries to sabotage his ex wife’s first date, and in the end mansplains why he could go on tons of dates but it’s “different” when the ex-wife does it. It’s always the trope in these things— that if the woman goes about her life, there’s a finality to the break up… because I guess the man can sow his oats and change his mind and the family can snap back whole again.

What am I talking about? This is a sitcom.

The thing is, the show is overall moderately funny, because I do find Wayans funny and because Atkins is very watchable.

VERDICT: I guess I’d watch it again if there’s literally nothing else to watch (which, these days, is the case.)

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